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Week Ending Friday 13th January

JanuaryPosted by Claire Marsland Sun, January 15, 2017 15:25:38

We have had another full and busy week!

The children have been introduced to our new school rules 'The Five Bs', which are:

Be the best you can

Be respectful

Be kind and gentle

Be careful

Be responsible

Along with our new rules we have replaced 'Golden Time' with 'Buzz Time', which I hope all of the children are enjoying! Do ask them about our rules and I am sure they will be keen to talk about Buzz Time!

I was delighted to present this week's Headteacher Awards on Friday and to hear about the children's fantastic achievements with their learning, and indeed with following our school rules. Well done to: Leo, Phoebe, Charley, Chase, Dora, Xavi, Sophie, Albie, Oliver and Thomas!

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Posted by Claire Marsland Sun, January 22, 2017 13:19:50

Hi Aaron

Thank you for your question. During our recent INSET Day, we reviewed our Behaviour Policy and through our discussions we realised that different classes had different sets of rules and we weren't using Golden Time consistently across the school.

We felt that it is much easier for the children if we all have the same rules throughout the school, and we came up with the Five Bs.

We felt that the vast majority of children work really hard in school and do follow the rules all of the time, which keep everyone safe, happy and able to learn. As such, they deserved to have Golden Time, which should be a special time for the children and adults in the class. We decided to re-launch Golden Time as Buzz Time because we wanted to revitalise the experience for all classes and we named it Buzz Time as it linked to the theme of Bees.

We are very interested to hear your views regarding other changes, which you are not sure about; please do join us at Parent Drop In on Wednesday 25th January at 2.30pm, if you can. Otherwise, please do share your views with us on the Contact Us Button.

Posted by Aaron Fri, January 20, 2017 20:14:39

Why have we replaced golden time with buzz time? Can I ask what we have achieved by renaming it? Some things have been changing at this school recently which I'm not sure are for the best or just to make everyone feel that we are heading in the right direction?