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Here you will find weekly information for Sycamore and Maple Classes.

What am I?

FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Wed, February 21, 2018 09:54:03
Noise maker
Seed snatcher
Jungle flyer
Bird screeches
Cat scarer
Tree percher
High flyer

By: Molly M

Reception Story Time

FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Thu, February 08, 2018 09:31:26
Today, Sycamore went to Oak to read them stories. All the children were put into groups and then the reception children and Year 4s took it in turns to listen to stories being read.
“It was lovely and calm. The younger children really enjoyed hearing stories read by the other children. They are listening really well” Mrs Moore


FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Thu, February 01, 2018 12:13:35
This week we have been learning how to classify animals. We were given pictures and had to sort them explaining our thinking. We then talked about the different groups scientists use to classify animals.
We then learnt about classification keys and how they work. We were able to use these in more detail to sort specific animals.

Science club

FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Tue, February 28, 2017 15:06:16
Tumbling Toast
This week we investigated Murphy's law and whether toast will always land butter side down when dropped. We tested out different ways of dropping toast, adding jam and cutting it up to see whether it would make a difference. We had lots of fun.

Congratulations and Welcome

FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Tue, February 28, 2017 14:46:59
Science Club

Congratulations to Imogen, Lily Mae, Xanthie, Dillion, Jesse, Josh,Max, Ryan and Aricha for attending science club this term and collecting their certificates.

Welcome to our new members

Reading Miles Challenge

FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Tue, February 28, 2017 08:39:31
In our Key Stage 2 Collective Worship the first children to complete their Reading Challenge Homework received their special certificates. Each child spoke to the whole key stage about their favourite book, explaining why they enjoyed reading it. It was wonderful to hear so many good book reviews. Well done everyone!


FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Mon, February 27, 2017 19:19:01
This week Year 4 have started to learn about sound. We started off learning that sound is all to do with vibrations. We did a little experiment using drums and rice! We also did a sound survey around the school. In small groups we went to different parts of the school to listen to the different sounds we could hear and what was vibrating to make these sounds.

Liddington Activities.

FebruaryPosted by Year 4 Sun, February 26, 2017 18:37:19
Just in case you can't remember, here are the activities for our 2017 residential to Liddington. Hope you are all looking forward to it! smiley

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