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Here you will find weekly information for Sycamore and Maple Classes.

Dragon Eyes & Wands

DecemberPosted by Year 4 Tue, December 12, 2017 15:18:26
Our finished dragon eyes and wands from last week. Don’t they look great!

Lining Up Cup

DecemberPosted by Year 4 Sat, December 09, 2017 12:38:14
Well done Sycamore for winning the KS2 Lining Up Cup for the 3rd time in a row. Keep it up.

Harry Potter Day

DecemberPosted by Year 4 Fri, December 08, 2017 14:35:30

Active Survey

DecemberPosted by Year 4 Fri, December 08, 2017 14:33:57
Today, Sycamore helped Fir class to complete a survey about being active and playing sport. Thanks to Fir for helping Mr B with the survey. We enjoyed having you in our classroom.


DecemberPosted by Year 4 Fri, December 08, 2017 14:30:27
At the end of music this week, Mr Gilbert played the theme to Harry Potter. It was great.

Wand Making

DecemberPosted by Year 4 Wed, December 06, 2017 18:44:46
This afternoon, we used our DT skills to design and make our own wands. We first looked at a selection of wands used by characters in the Harry Potter films. We talked about the different styles and how we might be able to replicate it. To do this we were given a stick and were able to use string and masking tape to make our wands look unique. We helped each to tie the string and some us got Mr B to glue the ends down with the glue gun. Once everything was finished, we thought about colours and painted our wands.
Dont they look great.

Netball Lesson 2

DecemberPosted by Year 4 Mon, December 04, 2017 20:49:58
Last week in Netball, we learnt about the pivot and how it can be used in a game.
Although it was cold, very cold, we kept running and moving and started to play some small sided games.
Fingers crossed the weather will be warmer this week?!


DecemberPosted by Year 4 Mon, December 04, 2017 20:42:47
Today, we started Magic week with a Potions lesson. A huge thank you to Lisa (Charlotte’s mum in Rowan) for giving up her time to run the lessons for Year 4. We all had a great time making our potions and trying to get the correct order of ingredients. Was it Dragons Blood, Basillisk Venon or Horn of Bicorn? Whatever the order, we had great fun mixing the substances and liquids and watching the reactions.
Thank you.

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