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Here you will find weekly information for Sycamore and Maple Classes.

Egg Results

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Thu, April 26, 2018 15:08:22
This week we took the eggs out of the liquids to see what had happened. We were quite shocked at the results. We found out that the Diet Coke, Coca Cola and the fruit shoot dyed the shell a much darker colour. The apple juice, flavoured water and fruit shoot started to peel the skin off the shell. The orange juice made the shell feel rough, like sand paper and the vinegar dissolved the shell, leaving us with a bouncy egg.
We talked about how these liquids could affect our teeth and what we needed to do to protect them.

Netball Tournament

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Thu, April 19, 2018 14:36:11
St John’s took part in a netball competition at Selwood, narrowly finishing runners up after a tense sudden death shoot out.
The team played 5 games in total and although lost in the shoot out, didn’t lose a game during normal time. Some games were end zone games and some were using netball nets. You got 2 points for getting the ball into the net and 1 point for hitting the rim.
Game 1 vs Hayesdown Blue won 13-0 Stan 3, Gabe 5, Josie 1, Amelie 1 and Lucas 3
Game 2 vs Vallis Blue won 8-0 Stan 3, Lucas 1, Josie 2 and Maison get the ball into the net for 2 points.
Game 3 vs Berkley Blue won 9-5 Stan 2, Lucas 5, Josie 1 and Maison 1.
Game 4 vs Hayesdown Red won 6-5 Lucas 3, Maison 3
Red Cup Final vs Leigh Drew 6-6 Josie 1, Maison 3 and Lucas who got the ball into the net for 2 points.
Sudden death shoot out lost 1-0.

Congratulations to all including Thea and Xavvi who were also valuable members of the team .

Tag Rugby Tournament

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Wed, April 18, 2018 19:42:53
Under a clear blue sky, St John’s took part in the annual Clive Lewis Tag Rugby Tournament run by Paul Lovatt. This year saw each team play everyone in one big league. St John’s played a total of 7 out of 8 games. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to play our last game as time was running out and would have been played at about 6pm, 3 hours after we started!
Game 1 vs Christchurch draw 2-2 Tries - Stan, Arthur
Game 2 vs Springmead lost 4-0
Game 3 vs Trinity draw 0-0
Game 4 vs Berkley won 4-1 Tries - Fred, Stan, Cassian, Arthur
Game 5 vs Bitham Brook A won 5-3 Tries - Fred, Stan 2, Lucas 2
Game 6 vs Bitham Brook B won 4-0 Tries - Fred 2, Stan, Lucas
Game 7 vs Rode/NSP won 2-1 Tries - Stan 2

Congratulations and well done to Luka, Isla, Sophie and Molly who also played a vital part of the St John’s team.

At at the time of writing, I don’t know the final results but will post when I do.

Mini Red Tennis

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Wed, April 18, 2018 09:00:38
St John’s took part in the annual mini red tennis tournament yesterday at Frome Tennis club. Even in blustery conditions, all the children had an enjoyable time.
St John’s A came out winners, with St John’s B just being pipped into second by Christchurch on points won.
Congratulations to all who took part. A special mention to Kizzi in Year 3, who scored the most points (70) of anyone whilst winning all her games and Stan, who was equal in scoring the most points out of the boys with 54. He also won all his games.

Life Bus

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Tue, April 17, 2018 20:04:08
Today, Maple and Sycamore took turns to visit the Life Bus. We talked about our similarities and differences and what makes us unique. We used TAM to find some of our organs which we need to survive. We also learnt about the digestive system too.
We learnt that although medicines can help us get better if we are unwell, if we misuse them or take the wrong one it could in fact make us ill.
Harold the Giraffe helped us to learn about the effect smoking and alcohol has on our bodies, especially our brain which is constantly sending millions of messages around our body.
Harold also took us on a trip in a rocket to Conformatron, a planet where everyone is the same, thinks the same, wears the same and so on. We talked about why it was good to be our own person and to have our own thoughts and make our own choices.
Finally, we got to say goodbye to Harold as we left.

Science Enquiry

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Mon, April 16, 2018 15:13:01
As part of our learning about teeth, we have set up an experiment to find out the affect liquids have on our teeth. We have used eggs to represent our teeth as they contain a lot of calcium. We plan to leave them for a week to see what happens!

What do you think will happen? What will the affect be on the eggs? Which liquid will. E best or worst?

Tri-Golf Competition

AprilPosted by Year 4 Sun, April 30, 2017 15:34:07
This week, some of us went to Christchurch School to play in a Tri-Golf competition. Although it was quite cold we had great fun. We will find out later weather we can go to Millfield and take part in the Somerset School Games.

Somerset Primary Games

AprilPosted by Year 4 Wed, April 26, 2017 20:03:38
Some of us in Year Three and Four were lucky enough to go to Millfield School to take part in the Somerset School Games. We took part in a number of athletic events. As you can see, we had great fun!

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