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Here you will find weekly information for Sycamore and Maple Classes.

Science Club

JunePosted by Year 4 Wed, June 28, 2017 12:26:48
Bridge Blunders
This week in science club we had to come up with a design for a bridge using only paper and sticky tape. We then tested our designs to see which bridge was the strongest.

Traffic survey

JunePosted by Year 4 Wed, June 28, 2017 12:23:56
As part of our work on interpreting data, Maple class conducted a survey to find out what was the most popular colour car to pass outside of our school. We then represented our collected data in a bar chart. Our data showed that silver cars past by our school most often.

It's raining tacos!

JunePosted by Year 4 Wed, June 28, 2017 09:58:10
One day a little girl called Noola was playing in her garden,but then the weather changed dramatically.There was a big storm.It was raining tacos!Noola opened her mouth,but sadly she was allergic to lettuce.A taco with lettuce inside fell into her mouth.She was rushed to the hospital,where she was given egg flavoured medcine.She didn't like the taste of it,so she puked.She was given more medcine,so she ran away.A bunch of horses that had eaten chilli tacos charged her!Noola rode a ginger one home,where she killed and ate the poor animal.
By Myla

My bmx 100 w c

JunePosted by Year 4 Wed, June 28, 2017 09:17:34
I was about to go out on my mini rocker witch is a type of bmx . But then the weather changed dramatically so I could not go out because it rained fidget spinners , so it hurt my head . I was not happy and I was. I was not because I could not go out because the fidget spinners hurt me . Yes because I could keep loads of fidget spinners so know all the fidget spinners were gone I could play outside. As it stopped raining fidget spinners I went to play on my mini rocker outside to do some stunts . I said " can I go to a pump track ." They said " yes. " My dad had ago he showed me his tricks to learn.
By Ashton .

Planet Random brings Earth its rain.

JunePosted by Year 4 Mon, June 26, 2017 14:39:41
A piercing scream ecoed through Dangy End. Kalos was woken by it,realising it was midnight, he nervously plodded outside. A bright light flashed in the sky.....but there was a dramatic change in the weather...Cats an dogs were raining from the sky-literally! Kalos managed to catch a cat, it seemed to like him. So he kept it-and, supprize supprize . Collars were raining down from the sky. With the name Kalos was thinking of for his cat, he got a collar. More screams were coming."It must have been the animals," thought Kalos. Kalos chuckled very broadly.

By Oliver.

Dawn of the planet of the ninja Kiwis

JunePosted by Year 4 Mon, June 26, 2017 12:04:32
Alberto was slowly plodding along,but the weather changed dramatically... It was raining cats and dogs... Literally! Main coons, British shorthairs and tortoise shell cats were falling on every poor mans,woman's and child's head. Not to mention the Great Danes,Dobermans and chuawawas falling on the street pigeons. Alberto started running for the hills, amazed about what's happening. Crazily, he managed to leg it home with a Doberman chasing him.He opened the door to his house,then a fat kiwi bird attacked him. It pecked him like a devil,but suddenly a whale came and ate Alberto...Ouch!!! That must of hurt.

By Rudy

Quad Kids Athletics

JunePosted by Year 4 Mon, June 26, 2017 10:11:35
At the athletics competition at sellwood we did 400m,howler,50metre sprint and the long jump into sand . It was fun but very hard to run the 400m run 🏃. We thought that the 50m sprint was one of the easiest things to do . Also the standing long jump was also one of the easiest to do . The 400m run was a bit hard but no so much . The most easiest was probably the howler because all you had to do was throw it from the centre of the howler but it was fun. The 400m was hard because you had to run 🏃 around the hole field and that was hard.but it was good 😊 fun
by Harry

Word Up!

JunePosted by Year 4 Thu, June 22, 2017 13:32:02
Wednesday was National Writing day. The whole school took part in writing something about courage. After watching a YouTube video the previous day about what courage means to different children, we had a go and writing some inspirational words about what courage means to us.

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