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Pirates of the kiwibean

JulyPosted by Year 4 Wed, July 12, 2017 09:44:20
Pirates of the kiwibean

"Oi!" Captain Kiwi screamed at the Rat king.He was stealing the goat of the gods.He was vein and short tempered,but he had a trick up his feathers, and it's a Aztec blowdart. Fire!!! He screamed excitedly at the crew. The Rat king was no more,or so captain Kiwi thought. Shockingly,he found poor Abagale Albatross had been shot by the tranquilliser dart and was out cold, gently drifting across the sea."Albatross over board!!!" He screamed at the crew.Luckily, she was out of the sea and breathing, but she was nauseous.

by Rudy

Where are the worms?

JulyPosted by Year 4 Tue, July 11, 2017 17:02:40
Today in Science club we tried to charm worms in the school garden. We wanted to have a competition to see who could charm the most worms out of the soil as possible. Unfortunately we spent most of the time just digging in the mud as the worms seemed nowhere to be seen. Luckily Igor and Raaf managed to find 5 though. We had lots of fun!!

100 word challenge

JulyPosted by Year 4 Tue, July 11, 2017 11:48:43
Just last night I heard a man screaming out side . I hurried to the window to see what was going on . I saw a man being chucked overboard and a lime fell out of his pocket . Then I heard a sckurry I turned around ... and I saw a rat in my room ! So I ran down the stairs as the clock turned midnight . I excitedly woke up my mum and dad . They hurried up into my room and killed the rat with rat apray . Then we ran out of the house and saved the man . Then we lived happily ever after the end.

by Michael

My mini story

JulyPosted by Year 4 Tue, July 11, 2017 11:26:51
Once there was a boy he was running excitedly down to the park.He was on his way when he was hungry,he had a,lime which was super sour.He was on a timer if he was not back in time he will,not go on holiday to Egypt.He was eating his lime when he heard twelve,ringing bells it was 12 o'clock.He had an hour acrding to the clock.He went home,started packing and got on the bout.As soon as they were moving he fell over bourd "ow ow a Rat bit me!" By Xanthie

Football Competition

JulyPosted by Year 4 Thu, July 06, 2017 22:01:29
Today we went to Selwood Academy to take part in a football competition run by IG Sports Coaching. Both St John's teams played 3 games and progressed to the Confederations Cup knockout tournament. One team lost in the quarter finals whilst the other went all the way to the final but narrowly missed out, losing 3-1, to end runners up. Although the weather got steadily hotter, everyone had an enjoyable time.

KS2 Sports Day

JulyPosted by Year 4 Tue, July 04, 2017 10:37:49
Monday was the Year 3 and 4 Sports Day. Each of our 4 houses were split into 2 groups giving us 8 teams. They then did 8 activities around the school. The results will be added together to give us a winning house. This will be revealed at the KS2 Sports awards, date TBC.
Here are just a few photos.

Science Club

JunePosted by Year 4 Wed, June 28, 2017 12:26:48
Bridge Blunders
This week in science club we had to come up with a design for a bridge using only paper and sticky tape. We then tested our designs to see which bridge was the strongest.

Traffic survey

JunePosted by Year 4 Wed, June 28, 2017 12:23:56
As part of our work on interpreting data, Maple class conducted a survey to find out what was the most popular colour car to pass outside of our school. We then represented our collected data in a bar chart. Our data showed that silver cars past by our school most often.

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