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Ball Control

SeptemberPosted by Year 4 Thu, September 21, 2017 13:43:00

In PE we have started to learn how to control a ball using our feet. We have learnt to use little taps to keep the ball under control as we move around an area avoiding others. We are also practicing to look up so we know where we are going and not to just look at the ball.

We were challenged to stay in the area but dribble through as many gates as we could.


SeptemberPosted by Year 4 Thu, September 21, 2017 13:31:44

Hello and Welcome to the new school year. Sorry that the blog hasnt been updates until now but we have had a couple of technical issues which have now been sorted.

Although it has already been 3 weeks we have learnt so much and will continue to do so.

Please find attached our newsletter for this term.

Please note we will be having a dress up Egyptain Day on Wednesday 18th October and our Egyptian Museum trip is scheduled for Monday 6th November. Letters and further detail will be sent out soon.


JulyPosted by Year 4 Fri, July 21, 2017 14:12:09

Maui Catches the Sun

JulyPosted by Year 4 Fri, July 21, 2017 13:54:41
Well done Year 4 for a fantastic leavers play, Maui Catches the Sun, especially to those who stood in last minute during the evening performance.
Also, a massive thank you to those parents who helped with costumes, props and scenery everything was fantastic!

2017 Leavers Disco

JulyPosted by Year 4 Wed, July 19, 2017 21:18:20
2017 Year 4 leavers disco!
Thank you to Mrs Squirrell and her band of helpers for organising it. smiley

Final science club experiment

JulyPosted by Year 4 Wed, July 19, 2017 17:05:53
As a final end to science club for this year, the children wanted to carry out the Diet Coke and mentos experiment. As I didn't want to get really messy Ben suggested setting up the experiment and then firing the bottles with nerf guns to allow the bottle to explode from a distance. Raaf, Ben L, Ben P , Josh and Etienne obliged and brought in their guns. Unfortunately the explosion was quite small and the firing of the guns did not manage to force the coke bottle to explode but we had loads of fun and it was definitely worth the effort.
Thank you to all of the children who have participated in science club this year. It has been great 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Mrs Budd


JulyPosted by Year 4 Fri, July 14, 2017 19:04:54
Year 4 leavers trip to Bowood was fantastic! Lots of children showed great courage and support to either on the Death Slide or on the high ropes, well done. They were also very respectful and courteous to others who were there too.

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank you you to all those parents and staff members who came along to help, your support was very much appreciated. Mr B

The battle of the Ratites!

JulyPosted by Year 4 Wed, July 12, 2017 10:05:22
In the beginning, It all started in Rat bay. When overlord Rat executed a Lime,the town of Limeville went crazy,smashing bricks and getting weapons ready to fight.But luckily overlord Rat put a CCTV camera disguised as a clock in the village.He got ready to fight excitedly he told his fellow rats to tell Lord Lime that they are going to meet at the swamp"we will fight on land and water."The next day they met at 3 in the morning! They both got their battleships on the water,a Lime was shot overboard the Rats got a clear shot on the boat the Rats had WON! By Tom

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