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Wells Cathedral Pilgrimage

MarchPosted by Year 4 Wed, March 08, 2017 18:01:23
Today, Maple and Sycamore went on a pilgrimage to Wells Cathedral as part of their learning and transition to their new schools.

Everyone took part in a number of workshops based around the idea of going on a pilgrimage or journey. Some learnt songs and played the drums, others listened to stories and some did a craft activity and everyone took part in an active threatre and a Cathedral tour. The Cathedral tour also involved each child making a memory box to keep.

At the end of the day, Lucy and Max took part in a procession of school banners and Albie and Aimee-Leigh collected a candle which had been blessed in order to take back to school.

We all had a great day.
Thank you to all the adults who helped on the pilgrimage too, it was much appreciated.