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Quad Kids Athletics

JunePosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Thu, June 21, 2018 18:48:31
Today, in glorious sunshine, 16 Year 4s went to Oakfield to take part in the Quad Kids Athletics competition. In teams of 8, they took part in throwing, jumping, a 50m sprint and a 400m run. They were joined by other first schools from Frome. Points are awarded for distance jumped and thrown and for time when running, it’s wasnt all about finishing first.
We all had a great time. Results were still to be declared, but will be reported once known.


JunePosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Fri, June 08, 2018 09:17:26
This term our value is Perseverance. In our Key Stage 2 Collective Worship, we talked about what it means and that sometimes it is easy to give up and not try. To show this, we tried to make butter using cream and a jam jar. We had to shake it for a minute before passing it on. Whilst this was happening we heard a traditional tale called “The frog that fell into the jug of Cream”.
The shaking of the jar continued in each class throughout the day.
If you would like to try this at home here is a link
however, there are many more.

Sound Survey

JunePosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Fri, June 08, 2018 08:21:42
This week in Science, we started to learn about sound and how sound is made. We learnt that sound is caused by vibrations. We did a number of experiments throughout the afternoon, such as using a tuning fork and putting it in water, putting rice on a drum and hitting and feeling our throat as we said ahh. We also did a sound survey around the school. We sat in various places and listened to all the different sounds we could hear. Staying quiet proved difficult for some of us!

Word Up!

MayPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Wed, May 23, 2018 19:03:53
Today, Wednesday, we (Sycamore) were lucky enough to have Lisa Millard in class. She joined us to run a Word Up workshop. We had to think of words we liked saying or the sound of or what the meant. After sharing them, we had to spell them by drawing each letter backwards before cutting them out. This proved much harder than we thought! Once the letters were cut out, we stuck them on plastic to resemble bunting. These will then be put up around Frome during the Festival of Words on June 23.
Can you work out all of the words we like?

Digestive System

MayPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Wed, May 16, 2018 14:21:19

As part of our learning about the digestive system, today we did a practical experiment to mimic what happens. We had great fun! Some of us got stuck in whilst others just watched.

If you would like to try it at home, here are the instructions, have fun!

Tri Golf

MayPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Thu, May 03, 2018 20:12:29
This afternoon, 20 Year 4 children walked to Christchurch School to take part in a Tri Golf competition. They participated in 8 golfing style activities using a putter and a chipper. Their main focus was on accuracy and control, which they found tricky to start with but definitely improved throughout. Everyone had great fun especially as the sun was out!

Egg Results

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Thu, April 26, 2018 15:08:22
This week we took the eggs out of the liquids to see what had happened. We were quite shocked at the results. We found out that the Diet Coke, Coca Cola and the fruit shoot dyed the shell a much darker colour. The apple juice, flavoured water and fruit shoot started to peel the skin off the shell. The orange juice made the shell feel rough, like sand paper and the vinegar dissolved the shell, leaving us with a bouncy egg.
We talked about how these liquids could affect our teeth and what we needed to do to protect them.

Netball Tournament

AprilPosted by Year 4 - Maple and Sycamore Thu, April 19, 2018 14:36:11
St John’s took part in a netball competition at Selwood, narrowly finishing runners up after a tense sudden death shoot out.
The team played 5 games in total and although lost in the shoot out, didn’t lose a game during normal time. Some games were end zone games and some were using netball nets. You got 2 points for getting the ball into the net and 1 point for hitting the rim.
Game 1 vs Hayesdown Blue won 13-0 Stan 3, Gabe 5, Josie 1, Amelie 1 and Lucas 3
Game 2 vs Vallis Blue won 8-0 Stan 3, Lucas 1, Josie 2 and Maison get the ball into the net for 2 points.
Game 3 vs Berkley Blue won 9-5 Stan 2, Lucas 5, Josie 1 and Maison 1.
Game 4 vs Hayesdown Red won 6-5 Lucas 3, Maison 3
Red Cup Final vs Leigh Drew 6-6 Josie 1, Maison 3 and Lucas who got the ball into the net for 2 points.
Sudden death shoot out lost 1-0.

Congratulations to all including Thea and Xavvi who were also valuable members of the team .

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